With the failures of 2012 ringing in my ears I thought the best way to ensure my continued efforts was to set myself the exact same targets and achievable goals, and so I have initially set three major targets as:

1. Complete a 50 mile ride by the end of July 2016 and have lost a least 15lbs.

2. Complete a century ride by the end of October 2016 and have lost at least 30lbs.

3. Ride to Betws-y-Coed in Wales and back in two days in 2017 and lose over 50lbs in total.

How achievable these targets are remains unknown, as always, but setting them once again and telling everybody what they are has certainly re-invigourated my determination and I think it will do so until they are achieved.

Because these bigger targets are relatively long term, I've decided to add some more achievable in the short and longer 'termers' to keep the motivation up, so here goes:

Overall for 2016
Ride 100 miles 
Ride 500 miles
Ride 1000 miles
Ride 1500 miles
Ride 2000 miles

In Any Month of 2016
Ride 100 miles
Ride 200 miles
Ride 300 miles
Ride 400 miles
Ride 500 miles
Ride 600 miles

In Any Week of 2016
Ride 50 miles 
Ride 100 miles
Ride 200 miles
Ride 300 miles

On Any Single Ride
Ride 20 miles 
Ride 30 miles
Ride 40 miles
Ride 50 miles
Ride 60 miles
Ride 70 miles
Ride 80 miles
Ride 90 miles
Ride 100 miles

Weight Less Than:
18 stone (252lbs)
17 stone (238lbs)
16 stone (224lbs)
15 stone (210lbs)
14 stone (196lbs)

**page modified from 2012 version 28/05/2016**