About Me

When I was younger I was very keen on exercise and participated in a number of sports at town and county level. By far my favorite though was cycling.  I rode everywhere and loved every minute of it.

Fast forward nearly 20 years and add five stones to my weight and you have an unfit, overweight bloke of 38 years old, who'd sooner drive to town than walk or bike the whole 1 mile or so.

After the birth of my daughters in 2007 I swore blind that for their and my sakes I would sort out my diet and lose the excess baggage by the time of their first birthday. Jump forward three years and I've yo-yo dieted down from my heaviest weight ever (19st 13lb) to 15st 9lb and all the way back up to over 19st twice and am still making excuses and doing things the wrong way.

In June 2011 I had a sudden moment of clarity and decided that if I didn't do something about things very soon and in a long term manner, then I may never get round to it, and that just wasn't fair on any of those I love, or indeed on myself.

At my weight I decided the best form of exercise would be non impact, and as I had a reasonably expensive mountain bike sat in the shed gathering dust, I decided this would be my exercise of choice.

I started this blog and got on the bike, losing a couple of stone and doing well... for a while. Life and it's problems took me away from paying attention to myself and on to other focuses. Fast forwards four years and here we are again, jumping on the bike again but this time with a more settled life and a more realistic approach.

So here we go, today is day one of the rest of my life, eating sensibly and exercising regularly.

My names Big Man Thin and I'm a bikeaholic... again.