Saturday, 28 May 2016

It's Been a Long Time, But ...

Hello, is anybody still there?

So, it's been four years, almost to the day, since I last posted on here.

Why did I stop ?

Good question, it was a number of things to be honest, which can be basically summarised as a bit of apathy, an annoying injury (or two), and concentrating on my life when I should probably have been looking at myself a little harder... sounds a little familiar.

My apathy crept up on me like it does everybody else, without me even notice it. Other things in life taking priority over jumping on the bike, days with the kids more important than days with the hills, a pint more attractive than a bottle of luke warm energy drink, etc, etc.

A couple of very specific incidents led to my total abandonment of firstly the bike, an latterly exercise in general, however.

On the ride after the last one I wrote about on this blog I had a blowout on a downhill on a dual carriageway which totalled my bike and covered me in cuts and bruises.

None more than I'd had on a number of previous occasions, but coupled with the loss of the bike, and the 45mph wobble across two lanes of traffic which definitely got my attention, I certainly had a couple of months of mulling over whether the danger outweighed the potential.

I decided it did and bought another mountain bike for training.

In the mean time however, two other things happened. Firstly, I discovered the delights of military mud runs, specifically The Wolf Run, and secondly, I damaged my back with a slip down a couple of stairs at home which made cycling and walking painful, but bizarrely, not running.

Fast forward to 2015 and I was entering all four Wolf Runs in the year and enjoying my running, weighing in at between 17 and 17 1/2 stones, but not worrying about it as I was active. Well not until November last year when during the Wolf Run I suffered a T.G.A. event (transient global amnesia) which was the strangest and scariest thing that has ever happened to me.

I'll probably try and describe the day as best I remember it in a later post but suffice it to say, it robbed me of a lot of belief in myself and my body, took a lot of confidence, and has, for a few months paralysed me with fear of re-occurance.

Since the TGA my weight has quite rapidly shot up back to the levels it was when I first cracked open this blog, which got me to taking a look at the blog and remembering how much I enjoyed both writing it, and the rides that made it up.

To my surprise, in the four years since I abandoned the blog, it has constantly been receiving over 500 page reads a month, in summer months over a 1000, which is bizarre for a blog that has not been touched for four years.

My motivations for the blog are different this time, as are the reasons for getting back on the bike, but both are back in my life, and, if you are reading this, yours (thank you by the way, to all who do).

I've devised a plan to get up to a century ride by the end of October this year which I'll detail later, I'm putting aside £100 per month until then as my reward if I achieve it, to spend as I wish. I wonder what two wheeled prize I may be thinking of ?

The rides start on Monday which is a bank holiday here, as will my new story, so I'll see you soon I suppose.