Monday, 14 May 2012

Nearly There, Again...

Well, this weeks weigh in brought a very welcomed 4lbs loss (which with the aforementioned weight put on was actually pushing 10lb), good old Jillian.

Not only that, there are definite shape changes starting to appear which is great, if only they'd start with the rotund stomach and moobs rather than limbs and shoulders and I'd be laughing. Good things come to those... I suppose.

Today saw my first session of week 2 and I mixed it up a bit with 5 1/2lb weights rather than the rather measly 3lbers I was using last week. As you can probably guess it made a big difference, although it's still the exercises with no weights where it shows.

Press ups into plank remains my nemesis, although it was noticeably less painful today despite the achy muscles from the larger weights. Scissor crunches were as agonising as they ever are,but a little less so. I hope to be running right through the series without a rep failure in the last rotation of this workout on Wednesday, we can but dream.

I wore a HRM for the first time today to see why I'm quite so tired after the sessions and discovered exactly why. My average bpm over the 35 minutes was 140 with my max hitting 178 (during scissor crunches, surprise, surprise). No wonder I've been getting a sweat on.

The diet is going well, I've stuck to 1720 cals per day for the whole week, although I took Jillian's advice and took my calories as a total of  12040 for the week and played around with them a bit to allow two higher calorie days on Thursday and Saturday. That really helped with the cravings I usually get when on calorie constricted diets, and I think I'll stick with the technique from hereon in.

I can't say I've tried any recipes from the Body Revolution book yet, although this week I will. So far I've just stuck with home prepared, whole food dinners as much as possible and have been going with a 400, 500, 600 breakfast, lunch and dinner calorie base with a couple of fruit snacks throughout the day. 

I have to say I haven't felt any pangs of hunger at all so far, so all is good. It's tuna, tomato and wholewheat pasta bake tonight yum.

BTW, I know I said I'd put up measurements in this post, but again, I don't have them to hand so next time it'll have to be.

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