Sunday, 22 April 2012


Well the long awaited weigh in resulted in an eye watering 19st 3lbs as my starting weight for the new campaign, ouchy. At least my weight can only go in one direction from there I suppose.

Enough of the negatives of the week, now for a few positives.

I got another 1km of swimming in this week, half crawl and half breast stroke and felt a damn site easier whilst doing so, so that was one great thing.

My other half has also got us on a 21 day detox diet and I feel good for having started with it. If that has anything to do with it, tomorrow's weigh in is going to be pretty encouraging I think.

Whilst it's the first week of a pretty restrictive three week regime and I've had many a false dawn in the past, all of the fresh organic food has me feeling, and looking better... or was that just the shaving off of my beard that I've been hiding behind for the last few months, only time and the scales will tell.

Today we had a great day out with the twins at a 5 mile sponsored walk around the perimeter of a new joint site for the town's kids football team and the gymnastics club that the girls started earlier in the year. 

We did the full 5 miles on what was pretty boggy an hilly ground, and the girls took great pride in the mile marker stamps that they were proudly getting all up their arms. 

The two of them made us proud, not bad going for a couple of 4 year olds I thought.

All in all a good day out for a cause that gets kids off their backsides and doing some exercise, always a noble cause, anything that did that. We also managed to raise about £100 towards the costs of planning and building so that's another positive.

As I said earlier, tomorrow, and Mondays thereafter will be weigh in day from now on.

The coming week will bring more swimming and the fitting of my new cycle computer before my first forage onto the roads next weekend.

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