Thursday, 12 January 2012

One Week Down, 51 To Go...

Well, that's the first week of my "I'll give you this year to sort yourself out" plan out of the way and everything to report is good so far. Not that I'm planning to stop after 52 weeks, just to maintain.

After the problems with my back I had towards the end of last year I was expecting a bit of a backlash after the weekends cycling but there's not been even a creak so I'm going to up the rides to two this week, both at the weekend where I have some sensible recovery time during the day.

The first week of eating only home cooked fresh food went well, my calories hit bang on for the first week and the hunger pangs of the first few days are behind me. At this morning's weigh in I was tipping the scale at 18st 7lbs, giving me a whopping 11lbs lost since the New Year's Day weigh in.

For me that's a phenomenal loss, but it just shows how much there is to lose, and how badly I've been abusing the old body over the last few months. Because of my "official" weigh in last year I'm going to chalk this one up as 3lbs loss for the sake of the site, the 11lbs just for me (and any of you who have read this post).

What's not so great however, is the stonking caffine withdrawal headache I've had for the last three days, mustn't cave though, it should be gone by the weekend, he said hopefully.

One last thing to mention before I go is a great free app I found for anyone wanting to track weight loss and has an iPhone (I'm sure you can get it on Android as well), which has helped me no end this first week.  It's called MyFittnessPal and it comes coupled and synced to a website, allowing you to enter information via PC or iPhone.

The App tracks all of your food intake and exercise and offsets one against the other whilst taking into account your lifestyle burn outside of the App.  It works out daily and weekly deficits to predict weight loss over a period you set, I set it to predict a month ahead each week. 

Whilst I know how to do all of this stuff already, it's really handy to see it in a clear visual way.  The food database is excellent, it's got pretty much everything by the three big supermarkets and all of the major brands, I'm yet to find a product it doesn't have. 

You can also build and save specific recipes if they're something you eat regularly. It's got a slick frontend and entry is easy so my verdict is a very impressed five stars, I'll certainly continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

Back to the cycling, Saturday should be a 20 mile pedal to my friends house in Northampton, and Sunday a 10 mile recovery ride weather permitting (I'm not catching a cold this early on for anybody).

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