Tuesday, 24 January 2012

So Near But So Far ...

Yesterday's weekly weigh in bought my weight down to a tantalising 18st dead, so close to my first weight loss target but not quite.

Next week I'll definitely be in the 17s god willing.

Other than that there's not much doing this week, still no rides because my pesky back keeps pulling, to the extent that I'm actually considering the doctors if it's not better by the time better weather arrives.

This may sound like common sense to many, but for me it's a big deal, I probably go once every three or four years, and only for "proper" problems that are not going to fix themselves.

The diet continues to improve, I've got the confidence to mix it up a bit now that the hunger craving stage has passed.

As long as I hit my calories then the variety I'm allowing myself is as per normal (excluding takeaways and general junk food of course).

I have to say that over the last couple of days I've started to notice clothes getting looser which is a positive sign.

Bring on the next stone lost I say.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

One Week Down, 51 To Go...

Well, that's the first week of my "I'll give you this year to sort yourself out" plan out of the way and everything to report is good so far. Not that I'm planning to stop after 52 weeks, just to maintain.

After the problems with my back I had towards the end of last year I was expecting a bit of a backlash after the weekends cycling but there's not been even a creak so I'm going to up the rides to two this week, both at the weekend where I have some sensible recovery time during the day.

The first week of eating only home cooked fresh food went well, my calories hit bang on for the first week and the hunger pangs of the first few days are behind me. At this morning's weigh in I was tipping the scale at 18st 7lbs, giving me a whopping 11lbs lost since the New Year's Day weigh in.

For me that's a phenomenal loss, but it just shows how much there is to lose, and how badly I've been abusing the old body over the last few months. Because of my "official" weigh in last year I'm going to chalk this one up as 3lbs loss for the sake of the site, the 11lbs just for me (and any of you who have read this post).

What's not so great however, is the stonking caffine withdrawal headache I've had for the last three days, mustn't cave though, it should be gone by the weekend, he said hopefully.

One last thing to mention before I go is a great free app I found for anyone wanting to track weight loss and has an iPhone (I'm sure you can get it on Android as well), which has helped me no end this first week.  It's called MyFittnessPal and it comes coupled and synced to a website, allowing you to enter information via PC or iPhone.

The App tracks all of your food intake and exercise and offsets one against the other whilst taking into account your lifestyle burn outside of the App.  It works out daily and weekly deficits to predict weight loss over a period you set, I set it to predict a month ahead each week. 

Whilst I know how to do all of this stuff already, it's really handy to see it in a clear visual way.  The food database is excellent, it's got pretty much everything by the three big supermarkets and all of the major brands, I'm yet to find a product it doesn't have. 

You can also build and save specific recipes if they're something you eat regularly. It's got a slick frontend and entry is easy so my verdict is a very impressed five stars, I'll certainly continue to use it for the foreseeable future.

Back to the cycling, Saturday should be a 20 mile pedal to my friends house in Northampton, and Sunday a 10 mile recovery ride weather permitting (I'm not catching a cold this early on for anybody).

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Bit Blowy

Did my first short ride of the year early doors this morning, three things to report.

1. I'm well out of shape again.
2. It's blooming freezing in the Midlands today
3. It's even more windy than it is cold.

I made the mistake of thinking sunny = warm today, schoolboy error. A cycling t-shirt covered by my overcoat was no match for the biting wind and I returned home covered in chill blanes on my chest and stomach.

Talking of schoolboy errors, I thought it was all going swimmingly for the first five miles or so until I turned onto the return leg into the "Force 10 From Navarone" which annoyingly corresponds with all the uphill sections.

As a result I arrived home "proper knackered" as they say around here and surprisingly dehydrated, a litre of isotonic later however all was well and I've given myself a 700 calorie deficit to begin the day to boot. I think I might just treat myself to a bacon and egg breakfast/lunch as a reward (low carb and counted cals of course).

I can't report anything other than the 9.9 miles ridden because, not only have I lost my HRM over the Christmas break, but I've also managed to lose my Polar 200 bike computer. I know it's in the house somewhere, but thats like saying I know it's in England somewhere. 

A new computer for the old bike's on the cards methinks, it needs new pedals, they were chirping like a pair of grasshoppers today, so I've got to go to my LBS anyway.

I've got the day off on Monday so I think I'll get another ride or a swim in then, weather dependent.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year and Welcome Back

Happy New Year and a belated Merry Christmas to one and all.

I had both a good and bad Christmas period all in all.

The good points were that the twins thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved every minute of it.  I too enjoyed the festive week off, and just for once my birthday as well (39th in case you were wondering, the big 40 next year).

On the down side, eating and exercise went badly as it always does over the festive period with my heaviest recorded weight on the scales up as high as 19st 4lb (food filled, and will not count for the blog).

Since the 1st Jan I've been on a nice sensible 1800 calories a day to get that weight loss started afresh and weighed in this morning at 18st 9lb.

The other major downer over the Christmas period was that the date for the closure of work was firmed up by Parliament to be 31st July 2012 (I work at one of the soon to be axed QUANGOs), meaning I'll be joining the long queues looking for work over the summer.

Beautiful timing Mr Cameron, thanks for that.

I'm not letting that get me down though, in fact, if anything, it has spurred me on to get the weight down to a sensible level by then. There's nothing better to give a boost in the jobs market than the bit of self confidence not being the biggest guy in every room would bring (I'm over 6ft and 18st, and usually am).

I've reset all of the statistics on the site for the renewed start and will update them as and when goals are achieved, I start back on the bike tomorrow morning with an easy 8 miler with only a couple of lumps.

After this morning I can knock off the first pound from my "official" 18st 10lb starting point, it's always nice to start on a positive, let's hope it's the first of many more to come, in what promises to be the most interesting year for a while.

On a slightly left field sidebar, I'm loving my homemade soups at the moment, so much food for so few calories, quality.

Anyway onwards and downwards.