Sunday, 27 November 2011

What a few Weeks...

Indeed it has been.  I started this month feeling as rough as a cats tongue and cried off work at midday on the first Tuesday of the month. Later the same day we noticed that the smaller of our twins had an unquenchable thirst and decided that my other half would take her to the doctors on Wednesday.
On Wednesday I tried to go back into work only to give it up as a bad job again and accept that I had a stinker and get to bed.  My horizontal dozing on the sofa was disturbed by a phone call from my other half telling me that the little one had been diagnosed with type one diabetes and needed to be in hospital with her mum for a couple of days at least.

Her blood sugar level was 48 when it should be between 4 and 7.  After pulling her sister out of school for the rest of the week I then spent the rest of the week visiting her and mum in the delightful University Hospital in Coventry.

Thankfully she reacted well to insulin and was released on the Saturday and the rest of the month has been sent with her, her sister and us adjusting to the new circumstances with much help from our family and the superb diabetes nurses from the hospital, whom I cannot praise too much.

We sent her sister back to school after a week and the little one went back a week after that once the school was up to speed on her needs, which are four daily insulin injections for the rest of her life.  The school have also been brilliant and five teachers volunteered to inject her in lunchtimes once we have trained them how to do it properly.

To say it's been a steep learning curve is an understatement, she has taken it all in her stride and her sister has been looking out for her, but we've all been in a bit of shell shock as a family, I think is the only way to describe it, and are only now seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

To say the "bad times" have had an adverse affect on my weight loss is an understatement. In a time of crisis I have, rather annoyingly, even to myself, turned to my constant crutch of food.  The only redeeming thing is that at least my exercise has continued to some extent, I am now on week three of the NHS Couch to 5k podcast series and am now once again committed to sorting myself out for good.

As part of the diabetes information we received were a couple of iPhone apps which included a BMI tracker and diabetes assessment tool which, when I plumbed my numbers in gave me a one in three chance of developing type two in the next five years. Did I not like those odds, and am now determined to beat this for not only my, but the kids sake.

It's just not fair to be gambling with their futures as well as mine, and what kind of example am I setting for them. So...

Tomorrow sees the start of a regular five day per week exercise regime, what type I don't care as long as it's at least and hour and of sufficient an intensity to burn 3500 calories a week, to guarantee a weight loss of some description given that both my partner and myself have committed to a healthier diet from here on in.

Apologies for the rambling nature of the post, it was written over a number of days, straight from the top of my head.

I've just weighed in for the start of the rest of my life at 18st 10lb, that number rings a bell from somewhere.  At least I've managed to see the error of my ways before it went higher still.  Would I say the last few months have been wasted? Probably, but what is it they say?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.