Wednesday, 26 October 2011

It's Been A While...

It certainly has been a while since my last post, and believe it or not, not much has changed.

Well that's not strictly correct, I've recently booked myself a visit to Spain to see my brother and his family in February, unfortunately I'm having to go on my Todd and abandon the family to fend for themselves for a week, more on this later in the post.

Exercise is still going sporadically unfortunately, with the girls having started school they are bringing home all sorts of new diseases which I've developed a great ability to catch.  It seems like months since I didn't have some kind of chest infection, I'm amazed there are any antibiotics left in the NHS the amount I've got through in the last few months.

These constant chest problems have unfortunately curtailed my attempts to lose any weight through exercise and the constant feeling of "illness" for want of a better word leave me constantly starving.  I have however been keeping a lid on the eating and haven't gained too much weight, just annoyingly haven't lost any either.

On the plus side I am now over 150 reps bi-daily on the press ups and have developed a decent set of pecs (granted underneath my fatty man boobs), that I would never have expected.  My triceps and shoulders have also developed to the extent that my biceps now look puny and I've started some low weight high rep dumbbell work to address the problem.  Check me out a regular Arnie, not!  My sit ups are now in the 60's per session, so all is not completely negative on the exercise front.

Back to the planned trip to Spain in February, I've calculated that, assuming I can kick this bloody infection by the end of this week, I've got exactly 100 days to shift as much weight as possible before I see my niece on February 7th next year. 

To that end I've got me a new cycling, gym and running regime planned to shift some long overdue poundage come hell or high water. I'm going to aim high and try and get down to as close to 15 stone (210lbs) as I possibly can, not a ridiculous amount but, given my last three months effort, challenge enough.

I don't think it right being such a motor sport and particularly bike fan as I am to close without mentioning the horrific events at the weekend that led to the death of the truly remarkable Marco Simoncelli.

My favourite rider since the swashbuckling Valentino Rossi first came on the scene, Marco has single handedly reinvigorated what was becoming a very bland Moto GP paddock with his aggressive, flamboyant and yet no nonsense style.

A great loss to the sport, his fans, and of course his family, I amongst many, many more will miss him like one of my own friends. Respects most heartfelt to all who will miss him.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Body and Mind...

This week has finally seen me back on track with a positive weight loss of 1lb. That makes three weeks of dedication to correct five days of stupidity last month.  That is a mistake I'm not going to make again in a hurry.

Getting on the bike is still a problem because we're all still adjusting to the new school and work routines at home. This week coming I'm going to make a concerted effort to get two or three good rides in, be they on the road or in the gym.

On a positive note, the press ups have now moved through the 100 reps every other day level and yesterday I did my first 50 consecutive reps which felt good considering where I started from.

By way of celebration I've started the sit up program on the iPhone from the same app provider.  In my initial test I banged out what I thought was an impressive 40 consecutive reps (British Army style, full sit ups, hands on chest). Considering I couldn't get to 10 arm assisted when I started the press ups, I think it's safe to say my abs have also benefited from the press ups which is great.

My calorie intake for the week has been consistently around the 1800 per day mark with good nutritional variety and today marks the 20th day of what I keep calling my "Xth day sober". I'm determined to go for at least 30 days without my Achilles heel, although I'm not counting any eggs yet.

Much of my reinvigorated attitude is down to my having rediscovered something that I used to do regularly when I was at university, but have not practiced since leaving, namely Buddhist meditation.

Try not to yawn and call me a hippy, and trust me, this blog is not going to get all religious or dogmatic, but I've been meditating on the breath for only 20 minutes a day for the last few weeks and reading a few of my old teachings and I have to be honest and say it's  had a massive positive effect, not only in my focus towards the weight loss and fitness, but also to my whole outlook in general.

Long may that continue methinks.

This weekend sees the third task on my "List of Fun" jobs to do around the house. Sunday will see me tackle what the girls call "Daddy's messy room", and I call the spare bedroom/Mrs's dumping ground.  It's a hard job but someone's got to do it.

First though I've got to get through a dinner party at some very good friends tomorrow night, let's see if I can make it to 21 days shall we?