Thursday, 22 September 2011

Back To Where We Were...

Well after another week of sensible eating and little else unfortunately I'm finally back down to 17st 8lb where I was prior to the whole blowout (in both senses of the word) debacle.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my promised Sunday ride in, the amount of rubbish I needed to shift to the tip was woefully underestimated but, on the plus side, I now don't have to look at it every time I come in the back door.  One job down, about twenty to go.

This weekend sees me tackling the overcrowded landing which will undoubtedly involve many more trips to the recycling shop and tip, next week will be the big one, the attic, Dun Dun Durr!  The amount of junk up there is phenomenal and I have no intention of going another year with that amount of weight on the less than convincing joists up there.

On the cycling front I'm becoming a little frustrated at the lack of opportunities presenting themselves for a ride at the moment.  With the uhts now full time at school and after school activities three days a week only Sunday is really available to do anything and at the moment that is sort out the house with a view to moving across town in the near future.

At least the pressups are coming on well.  My bi-daily reps are now in the seventies and my max reps score is well into the thirties.  The muscle mass increase that has resulted from lifting my 18 odd stone 70 times a day has resulted in an actual chest developing nicely, to slowly replace my convex version that I had prior to the training.

I'm very tempted to start a British Army exercise programme I was given by a distant friend (and ex-squaddie I'm led to believe) over the winter period, to keep up the weight loss/fitness push. My theory is that you can't really bike at night (the only time I have free) but you can certainly run or circuit train. Plus if it's good enough for the armed forces then it's certainly good enough for me.

It's a progressive programme over a number of months.  I'll post a link to it in a later post once I get everything into a google spreadsheet if anyone's interested out there.

Back to the biking, this Saturday I am finally going to be able to get a decent pedal in thanks to my other half taking the kids to a birthday party so let's try again. Cross your fingers for me.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

What a Week...

This week has been busy, busy, busy. 

The twins started "Big Girls School" on Monday and are loving it.

We were well prepared for everything logistically but one thing we didn't fully appreciate was the instant and complete change in their behaviour that would happen overnight. It really is amazing what being tired and grouchy will do to a 4 year old girl.

Five full days of school and three days of after school activities (gymnastics, dance and swimming classes) had left them pretty spent by today, and adding in the chest cold we've all caught, has left us with one cry at the drop of a hatter and one Satan incarnate for the weekend.

What with the school runs and a very busy week at work, I haven't been on the bike once so far this week.

I have promised myself at least a 20 miler tomorrow (hopefully closer to 30) but I'm not going to hold my breath.

My other half works on Sundays and I've promised to clear out the cubby hole between our kitchen and bathroom (both downstairs) which has been slowly filling with my junk (paint, tools, containers, bike stuff, etc) that should either be in the shed or the bin.

I feel a number of runs to the tip coming on, I just hope there's enough time to get a ride in.

On the plus side my diet this last week has been steady and at the right calories with no binging, drinking or alike. Long may it continue. I haven't done a re-weigh in yet but will do next week.

Who'd have thought it, my little girls at school, whatever next... it doesn't even bare thinking about.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Easng My Way Back In...

I've been slowly taking my time to get back into the swing of things following the shoulder problem.

The weekend brought a 1000m swim and a 10 mile outing on the MTB on my usual loop.

This week I've done two further 10 milers and no gym sessions, I know from past mistakes that pounding back at it is the perfect recipe to re-tear my shoulder so for once in my life I'm taking it easy and easing my way back into it all.

Further good news on the press ups front, today I did the next "to exhaustion" test and I'm up to 34 reps, so I'm chuffed with that considering the weight I'm heaving up each time. My bi-daily sessions are now up into the 60-70 reps zone and considering I was at 6 max just a few weeks ago, it's cause for a mini celebration, my next big target is 50 maximum reps, bring it on.

If only the weight loss were so straight forward, speaking of which, I forgot to mention my weight as of last Thursday's weigh in. I was up three pounds, so by no means as bad as I was expecting.

I'm not going to decrease the weight lost total on the page because I fully intend to be back down where I was within a week or two, if not, then I'll change it.