Thursday, 30 June 2011

Good Evening ... Good Evening ... Good Evening and Welcome

Hello and welcome to my new cycling blog. 

I've always loved cycling over the years and have always kept my finger in, keeping a half decent bike, making sure I do at least one or two good rides in a year etc.

However, as my about me page will tell you, I have struggled with my weight and food in general for all of my adult life.  I've tried most of the diets out there and yoyoed up and down like a good one.  The stretch marks on my belly will tell testify to that! 

I've recently realised that if I don't get myself sorted out soon, my battered and abused body (too much weight and untreated sports injuries carried for years) will be wearing out, and as a new father, my twin girls are 4 years old, that is just selfish and stupid to the nth degree.

To this end, I'm embarking on an initially strict regime of cyclecise over the next two months, and am making a concerted effort to eat a better varied and more calorie controlled diet over the coming months and hopefully years thereafter.

Because I already have a reasonable level of fitness despite my 18 stone plus frame (I complete 50 mile bikeathon rides and don't struggle too much), and have in the past been a 500-600 mile a month man, I have come up with two really tough months to kick me off.

In July, I will be completing what I have called the "31 Days of July" in which I have promised myself and others that I will be on my bike every day for at least 5 miles a day (I'm aiming at 10 miles in reality).

I'm going to follow this up in August with my "August 400", whereby I want to try and complete 400 miles of cycling in one month to really pull some weight off and kickstart my new life of sensible eating and exercise.

I realise these two initial months are extremely ambitious, bearing in mind I did my first weigh in yesterday and tipped the scales at 18st 6lbs (258lbs) and I haven't done any sustained exercise for at least two years, but despite my addiction to food and my ever increasing levels of lethargy, I do know my own mental and physical limits (I was extremely fit and active in the dim and distant past) and feel I can pull these two tough months off.

Wish me good luck, it all kicks off at 5am tomorrow morning.